Our company offers the support of real estate at competitive prices.

One of the best lawyers in Kyiv qualitatively conduct the transaction and answer all your questions.

We accompany the transaction of purchase and sale of commercial and residential real estate as the primary (new), and in the secondary market.

Lawyers Real Estate will analyze the contracts of purchase and sale, mortgage, lending, lease, bail, purchase of securities (stock options, derivatives, etc.), including the terms and installment schemes from developers, check right to the land, building permits, manner and means of the acquisition of the expropriated property, the rights to it, etc.

Main services:

1) Preparation of the real estate transactions:

  • Check the seller's rights to the property, including the history of the acquisition of such rights, and the possibility of disposal of such property in a certain way;
  • Verification of documents of title;
  • Verification of the real estate to the absence of encumbrances, arrests;
  • Development of the scheme of the transaction;
  • Coordination of all material conditions;
  • The drafting of contracts of sale, gift, exchange of real estate, deposit agreements, preliminary contracts or other documents required for the transaction;
  • Participation in negotiations to agree the terms of contracts between the parties.

2) Support the deal with real estate:

  • Support of contracting procedure;
  • Elimination of risks arising from the time the transaction;
  • Monitoring of compliance with the calculations.

3) Registration of Rights to Real Estate:

  • Preparation for state registration of real estate or registration restrictions on the rights to certain real estate;
  • Support of state registration.

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