Specialists LC «PRAVO PLUS» successfully providing legal assistance to individuals in dealing with legal issues of varying complexity. With many years of experience in the legal services market, our clients receive expert help and positive.

"We provide our clients with professional and affordable legal solutions.

We achieve positive results.

The cost of our services is competitive."

Services provided by our company:

  • Advising professional lawyers and attorneys;
  • Development and preparation of necessary documents: claims, requests, appeals, claims, complaints, letters etc.
  • The analysis and transaction support (real estate, property and non-property rights, securities, etc.)
  • Settlement of disputes in the pretrial order (debt collection, division of property, consumer protection, etc.)
  • Protecting the interests of clients in courts of Ukraine and abroad;
  • Representation in state bodies and institutions.

The list of services is not exhaustive. Turning to the PRAVO PLUS, you can count on a comprehensive service and competent legal assistance.

By choosing our company, the customer chooses the belief that the service will be provided by international quality standards and proven to result.

Main areas of service:

We provide expert and timely legal assistance. We work to ensure your security and confidence in the future.

We hope to see you among our clients.

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