After all, even the fact of registration on an individual specific IP-address does not prove the fact of illegal acts is the man. This sure lawyers JC "Pravo Plus"

Managing partner Natalia Yakuhno emphasizes, in a criminal case the police may detain suspects. And here the evidence raises the question: how will the offense is proven that the person who is registered on the IP-address. Indeed, the fact of registration of IP-addresses for a particular person does not prove the fact of distribution of information is that person.

"If you have a home wi-fi router, in fact, any one can upload your address information on the Internet. And nowhere in the law does not say that you control the connection via your IP-address"- draws the attention of a lawyer "Pravo Plus" (

According to Natalia Yakuhno, a good lawyer will be very easy to break the evidence base, gathered pravohranitelyami, of course, if the detainee did not write a confession.


February 19 The police opened a criminal case against the inhabitants of Poltava, on suspicion of illegal distribution of pornography through the video file sharing According to the Interior Ministry, detained Poltava citizen 26 years of age engaged in the spread of pornography during 2010 - 2011.

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