The Prosecutor's Office of the Kirov district of Dnepropetrovsk was a protocol of the commission chief editor of "Faces" Elena Garaguts administrative offense under paragraph 1 of Article 185-8 "evade the legal demands of the prosecutor," the Code of Administrative Offences. About this "Telekritika" said Elena Garaguts.

Directed to the protocol the Kirov district court of the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

Elena Garaguts accused of not providing Attorney documents, in particular those used for writing articles.

"Telekritika" sent a request to the prosecutor of the Kirov region Dnepropetrovsk with a request to explain the grounds on which the prosecutor's office needs to make public the name of the author and disclose sources. But no reply received.

As commented "Telekritika" lawyer Yuriy Mokruy, the prosecution really has the authority regarding access to documents and materials needed to conduct the test, including the writing requirement, and those that contain trade secret or confidential information, however, provided that such the prosecutor's demand, consistent with applicable law (Article 8, 20 Law of Ukraine "On Prosecutor's Office"). In this case, the prosecutor's office of the lawyer regards as unlawful, since on the direct orders of the Constitution of questions regarding the media is regulated by law, and the law, in turn, provides clear rules and safeguards that limit is only possible on the basis of a court decision.

Law of Ukraine "On Printed Mass Media (Press) in Ukraine" (Article 26) expressly provides for the right of a journalist to the secrecy of authorship and sources of information, except in cases where these mysteries made public at the request of the court. Provides the same guarantees and the Law of Ukraine "On information" (v. .25) which indicates that the journalist has the right not to disclose the source of information or information that allows to identify the sources of information, unless it is required to do so by a court on the basis of law.

"The requirement of a public prosecutor in this case has no power and does not create any obligations with respect to disclosure of the source of information or information that would establish such a source. Accordingly, of the prosecutor of the administrative breach is illegal, and the court shall by its decision to close the case. Nobody be responsible for the acts that, at the time they occurred were not recognized by law as an offense (Article 58 of the Constitution)," - said Mr. Mokruy.

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