Ukraine lost to Russia in the Economic Court of Kyiv and must pay more than four hundred million dollars, because Ukraine's Cabinet gave the so-called state guarantees with respect to such obligations. Amount by which the private corporation "United Energy Systems of Ukraine" not delivered building materials Russian Defense Ministry as fees received from a neighbor gas.

Natalia Yakuhno has provided commentary for TV news channel "24" - Is it possible to get government guarantees private entity and what procedure they receive?

As stated by the lawyer - "Project through several examinations, the results of which imposed a general expert opinion, then the project is sent to the Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Finance, in turn, prepares conclusions, and only if the specified output is positive, the project with all applications submitted to the Cabinet, where the final decision, which is expressed in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. "

Source: TV news' "24"

Reference: "The court ordered the return to Ukraine Defense Ministry over 3 billion"