LC "PRAVO PLUS" provides effective legal assistance to participants in the media market. Our lawyers have successfully escorted the interests of clients both in dealing with government regulation of the media market, and when accompanied by a current of media structures, including registration, reorganization, suspension of registration, the elimination of media relations media information sources, protection of copyright in the functioning of the media and able to provide qualified building business processes and their legal support.

Basic services in this area:

  • Registration information agencies, print media licenses (TV, radio broadcasting, program service provider), permission to use the radio frequency resource of Ukraine;
  • Development of constituent and internal documents of the broadcasters, editors, publishers, distributors of printed media, Internet - media;
  • Contract work: design and analysis of all types of agreements in the field of media, and in the field of copyright and related rights (copyright, licensing, information, and sales of audio, video and photo materials, access to databases, etc..);
  • Representation in courts at all levels for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • Legal support of the creation, acquisition and use of copyright and related rights;
  • Due diligence (due diligence) documentation of the purchase / sale of media companies;
  • Maintenance agreements and procedures for M & A in the acquisition of media according to the norms of corporate law;
  • Legal support of current activity in the media coverage of the election process;
  • Advice on legal aspects of the media business in Ukraine;
  • Legal support of business on the Internet;
  • Registration of trademarks, protection, use, sale and transfer of intellectual property rights.

Basic services in support of advertising (PR) activities:

  • Advice on the use of advertising legislation;
  • Contract work: development and legal analysis of advertising, sponsorship, marketing;
  • Development of legitimate mechanisms of alcohol and tobacco advertising in different media;
  • Legal assessment of promotional products (movies, articles, layouts);
  • Advising on the hidden and unfair advertising;
  • Advising on antitrust and competition law;
  • Representing the interests of the Antimonopoly Committee (AMC) of Ukraine on advertising compliance with the antimonopoly legislation;
  • Representing clients in dealings with regulatory authorities;
  • Representation of interests in the courts on disputes arising out of promotional activities;
  • Legal assistance and legal Due Diligence advertising campaigns and PR-activities (public relations);
  • Advising on advertising on the Internet.

Key contacts:

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Lawyer, Partner

Т: +38 044 221 50 82