Our company provides legal advice on a professional level. You will be able to obtain reliable and accurate information from reliable legal sources, with the latest changes. Legal advice may be provided by our lawyers both verbally and in written form.

You will be given practical and understandable legal advice with a clear plan of action and leadership

Lawyers to advise on the legal issues, including:

  • for the rights to real property;
  • housing (removal of obstacles in the use of housing, to establish procedures for use of housing, recognizing the right of ownership to the living room, etc.);
  • issues of inheritance (the inheritance of procedure and conduct of related litigation, the extension of accepting an inheritance, etc.);
  • family affairs (divorce and division of joint property, determination of residence of minor children, alimony, etc.);
  • labor law (reinstatement and payment for the period of forced absence, change the reasons for dismissal, etc.);
  • civil matters (recognition of transactions void, debt collection, recognition of the right to property, the termination or amendment of civil contracts, recovery of property from illegal possession, the removal of obstacles to the use of property, the liberation of-under arrest, etc.);
  • tax matters;
  • issues of administrative liability;
  • other legal issues.

We provide competent and timely legal advice to ensure your security and confidence in the future.

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