Our company has a successful practice in crisis and protect the reputation of legal entities.

When accompanied by this category of cases, we consider the specific sector client and business conditions. We are guided by long experience, and our lawyers are qualified to provide assessment of the disputed information, identify possible ways and options protect reputation in a particular situation.

LC "PRAVO PLUS" successfully and reliably provide protection of your reputation and maintain its proper level in the market.

Basic services to protect business reputation:

  • Analysis of the content (materials, information) for signs of violations of goodwill;
  • Counseling and the legal opinion on the prospects of protection of business reputation;
  • Assessment, training and pre-trial settlement of disputes concerning infringement of business reputation;
  • Protect your reputation in court;
  • Implementation of the European practice of protection of business reputation;
  • Advocacy when dealing with the media, including in the negotiations for the restoration of reputation;
  • Timely and comprehensive response on the manifestations of «Black» PR, reducing its negative impact on the reputation.

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