LC «PRAVO PLUS» advises and provides a full range of legal services for the registration activities of enterprises of all forms of ownership.

The cost of registration services is agreed with the customer and is competitive.

Basic services for the creation and registration (reorganization) of companies:

  • Registration (reorganization) of a limited liability company (LLC)
  • Registration (reorganization) of joint stock company (PrJSC, PJSC)
  • Registration (reorganization) of private enterprises
  • Registration (reorganization) of companies with foreign capital
  • Registration of subsidiaries
  • Registration of Branches
  • Registration of foreign companies in Ukraine.
  • Registration of NGOs

Basic services associated with changes in economic activity, and the founding documents:

  • Changing the name of the enterprise
  • Changing the location (legal address) Company
  • Change of Director (Head)
  • Change of the economic activity of the enterprise (CEA)
  • Changing the participants, shareholders
  • Change (increase and decrease) in share capital
  • Change of the legal form of a legal entity (reorganization)
  • Prepare / make changes to the charter

Registration of services includes:

  • Consulting for the procedure;
  • Planning and selection of legal forms for future enterprise;
  • Advising on future taxation and choosing the most optimal system;
  • Advising foreign individuals and entities on the legal and practical aspects of the creation of enterprises and commercial activities on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Preparation and holding general meetings of members (shareholders);
  • Preparation of necessary documents (minutes of general meetings, contracts, regulations, orders, registration forms, etc.);
  • Development and maintenance of share disposals party shares of the shareholder, and others;
  • Preparation of a full package of documents necessary for the registration of the company;
  • Reservation of the name of the enterprise;
  • State registration of the company / of obtaining the necessary documents;
  • Registration with the tax authorities, department of statistics and all public funds;
  • A seal of the enterprise;
  • The opening of bank accounts;
  • Consulting and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for certain types of business.

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